Bio-Data Shams jilani (Canadian Era)

I am writer, Poet and Historian by profession and  to serve the humanity is my mission.

  1. Came in Canada June 29 1989 and joined as a member Minoru senior center society city of Richmond.
  2. In 1991 Elected as a  Member Board of directors Richmond multicultural concern society.
  3. In 1995 “ Richmond News “ awarded its very first Community Achiever award to me. By public voting.
  4. In 2001 Recognised by Govornament of Canada  as A volunteer  on international volunteer day pro claimed by U.N.O
  5. In 2002 Miracle ‘s (community news paper) best writers Award on my books “Haqooq ul Ibad and Islam” by Deputy Premier BC. Hon. Christy Clark(now sitting premier)
  6. In the  next year   recognized by Member of Parliament Canada, Richmond constituency by Hon. Joe Peschisolido. M.P
  7. City of Richmond presented certificate of appreciation and pin of  city of Richmond by Acting Mayor. On the opening ceremony of my three books Haqooq ul Ibad and Islam, Gunman e moutber and Bunyadiat of diabetes (translation from English to Urdu written by Dr. A.R Minhas MD & FRCS)
  8. B.C. M.A awarded life member ship on 20 years services as a volunteer.
  9. 411 senior society awarded life member ship for sixteen years sevices as a Member  Board  of Directors and chair Multicultural committee.
  10. Also recognized   by Parliament of British Columbia as member of senior’s Advisory council City of Richmond.
  11. In 2003 City of Vancouver awarded Cultural Harmony award as chair of Multicultural committee 411 senior’s center society Vancouver.Besides that I served on   the fallowing positions too.
  12. Chair Richmond Multicultural Seniors society and  was also founder.
  13. President Canada Urdu Association.
  14. General Secretary Hindi literary society.
  15. Founder Member of BC Muslim Federation.
  16. BOD. Hospice Association Burnaby.
  17.  Member Vancouver multicultural society.
  18. Member City of Richmond, Multicultural  Advisory committee.
  19. Member City of Richmond, Heritage Advisory committee.
  20. Member City of Richmond, Intercultural Advisory committee.
  21. Member administration committee City conference, Richmond.
  22. Planning Committee of Richmond Health Board. (1996)
  23. Advisory Committee, Metro Vancouver correction board.
  24. Member Accessible transport Advisory committee (Tran’s link) as a seniors Representative by COMPACT.
  25. Member Election committee of B.C.M.A. and Chair of Richmond branch.
  26.  Member  from 2002 Seniors Advisory committee City of Richmond. for 21 years
  27. Senior’s Citizen Counsellor more than 12 years Ministery of Social Services and  Ministery of seniors years.
  28. Information and Referral Counsellor in 411 senior center society 17 years.
  29. Affidavit commissioner 12 years, Ministery of attorney General, BC.
  30. Sitting Moderator, Halqa e tafseer e Koran from more than 20 years in Richmond jammi masjid Richmond.
  31. Member General Assembly of I.C.N.A North America.
  32. Founder member of liberal senior’s commission, Richmond.
  33. Contibutor voices wisdom program sponsored by Governament of B.C.
  34. Member.R.C.M.P Multicultural Advisory committee.

Wrote 21 books one in Hindi “Utam Hay Insan“ and one in English  “when I turn 64“ and 15 In  “Urdu sada Ba Sehra“ Guman e Muotber (Poetry) and Haqooq ul Ibad & Islam in Urdu (Translated in English too by Mohammed Rafiq and translation is also available on the web side bazm e shamsjilani.org “ Roshni Hira say “ seerah prophet Mohammed (pubh )  .History of other Prophet ‘s with the name Qissay mukhilseen kay.. Seerah of Hazrat Abubakr ( rd) , . SeerahHazrat Ummer (rd) Seerah. Hazrat Usman (rd) Seerah Hazrat Alli (rd)  Seerah.Hazrat Fatima (rd)Seerah Hazrat Imam Hassan. Serah Hazrat Imam hussain  . Ashra e mubushirah (rd). Serah Sahabiat Munawrat (rd)  .(Takhlees)Risalah Haft msail byHazrat Imdad ullah mahajir makki (rh) etc.

Was columnist in Urdu news papers, Nawai Waqt (London), Pakeezah Toronto, Hamdam (China & Pakistan)  “Gulban“ (Jeddah), Bakhshiat Calcutta (India) and lot of others.

Sitting positions:

  •    columnist”Aalmi Akhbar” London.
  • Pakistantimes Toranto & Chicago(USA).
  • Miracle Vancouver.
  • Columnist, Community times, Canada .
  • Honorary  Editor, Aalmi Akhbar, London.
  • Honorary Editor, Armughane hamd, Karachi Pakistan